My Practice

The Process

Working with me as your guide, your coach, your mentor is about clarifying and gaining fuller access to your innate gifts. It’s about increasing the quality of your life - the elevation of your awareness, the depth of your understanding, and the overall experience of joy in daily living. Love better, work better and live better.


Our work together begins with a conversation (Initial session).  In this conversation, we’ll both have the opportunity to experience each other, and to decide if coaching together is something we both choose. 


We’ll create together meaningful actions to be implemented by you, including new ways to think or new views of reality, and tools for shifting attitudes.  Positive psychology, family mapping and identifying new and old pattern is as the core of my practice. As needed, we may enter into forms of work within the session intended to release old, stored feelings that hamper current experience.  At the end of the 3 months, we’ll evaluate together the changes that have taken place, and in alignment with that evaluation, you may elect to continue with another 3 months. 

Mother / Daughter

 “Whenever you’re in conflict with someone, there is one factor that can be the difference between damaging your relationship and deepening it.  That factor is attitude.” 

–William James


The challenges of learning how to be true to ourselves within a relationship, while simultaneously being honest and loving in our communication with each other will be a focus of the work done in couples and mother/daughter therapy. 


Resolving differences effectively, seeing the higher purposes and value in the relationship, and increasing mutual caring, respect and support will be primary purposes in our work together.    


Mother/daughter sessions are often supported in exercises we create on the spot, targeted at changing interactional patterns that don’t work.

Individual Journey 

“Vulnerability is the core of shame, fear and struggle for worthiness, but it appears it’s also the birthplace of joy, of creativity, of belonging, of love.” 

–Brene Brown, TED Talk


In one to one work, we will look for ways to grow in awareness, insight into, understanding of and acceptance of who we are.  We will focus on relating to ourselves with kindness, and on ways to make progress in the areas that matter.  


Experiencing positive self-empowerment may be an outgrowth of this work.  We’ll work together for a 50” hour per session, at a level of frequency you determine – although it’s frequently supportive if initially sessions are closer together. 

Couples & Pre-Marital Counseling

"A dream not understood is like a letter not opened."  

–The Talmud


Looking at the communication from our own higher wisdom as it comes to us through can reveal opportunities for growth.  We may come to deeper understandings of ourselves and of those with whom we share our lives. We may find direction in the areas where we have questions as to our next steps.  We may come to enjoy a fuller experience of our own inner wealth and beauty.