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Let Go 


I am a therapist that believes "Love is Love" who helps individuals, couples & families through life transitions, such as loss of a loved one or situation, becoming a parent, or adjusting to life. My sacred work is rooted in being productive (so you can gather healthy ways to cope with life), being focused on your therapy goals (so you can transition out of therapy), and being supportive towards the balance of life (spiritually, physically, mentally & emotionally). 


I offer parenting (traditional, single + alternative) therapeutic support, consultations & workshops on Mother/Daughter Relationships and Positive Commitment Relationships.

I am an active and compassionate listener that has a creative, mindful, dynamic, empathetic, and respectful approach in my thankful role as a therapist. I am committed to inspiring others to be stronger and more balanced in living a life worth living by incorporating meditation, mindfulness, prayer, and narrative practices.


Mother/Daughter Counseling 


Women Counseling

Couples Counseling

Pre-Marital Counseling


Explore and understand your core language, values, fears and emotional blueprint.

Develop practical and safe tools to dissolve  subconscious emotional blocks and deepen your healing process.

My primary focus is to help clients in various stages of life to break through their barriers, to heal and to become happy and confident in their relationships, careers, finances and health.

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